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Our Philosophy at Just For Me Preschool

Looking at each child as a unique individual and helping them to achieve the best out of their preschool experience!

There are several different ways to teach children and there are constant developments taking place in the field of education. We adopt our approach from the idea that as each child is uniquely different, you cannot expect that the same methods will work in the same way, for every child. Children learn at different paces and we believe in doing the most we can to meet each child at the level they're at and helping them to move on in realistic, achievable steps. This includes providing a wide range of stimulating and appropriate learning materials and activities.

Despite our emphasis on structured learning at Just for Me Preschool, we are also firm believers in allowing children to be children and encourage an equal balance of free play and social interaction, as well as introducing and supporting them with basic skills such as an appreciation for others, self-help skills etc.

We adopt an anti-discriminatory approach and do our best to help families from all areas of the community to feel welcome and valued at our setting.