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Mission Statement

A setting that allows parents to bring their children in; knowing that they will be safe, for play, interaction, and a solid introduction to the world of their education. With the right amount of input and faith in what individual children can achieve, with the use of self-exploration, the support of their peers and adults, all children here can achieve remarkable things - socially, emotionally and educationally.

Greetings from the Director ~ Autumn 2016

Chantelle MasonWelcome to Just for Me Preschool's Autumn 2016 newsletter. As we continue with the last term of the academic year there is a lot to share. This summer quite a few of the Preschool children will be leaving to continue their journeys at either a school nursery or reception class. It’s always a pleasure working with so many different children and their families, being in a position where we are able to support them in their journeys of education. At Just for Me, working in partnership with families is crucial, not only to our vision, but also to the development of your children. Stay and play days, parents coming in to help with cooking, having a different staff member on the door each week, open communication, as well as parent meetings once a year, have all been hugely successful in helping us do that and we want you to know that your support is greatly appreciated and invaluable.

As some of your children will move on to school this year, I have included a copy of our 'Readiness for school' Policy. As a parent of three children myself, I have always had high expectations for my children and want the best for them. As they get older the priorities for their learning continue to change and as young children some of the most important things they needed were support in developing emotionally, socially and confidently. We support the preschool children in different ways, to encourage this development. The relationships we develop with the children allow them to feel safe; whether this is with their own Key Person, or at times with a different team member. We have children who choose to share concerns with an adult, and similarly we have children who may not have the language to express their concerns, but will always seek out a specific member of the team for comfort. We are extremely proud of the bonds we have with the children at our setting and have often been told by both parents and members of our team, that we have a ‘family’ feel at our setting. At Just for Me, each individual child seen as unique and on their own journey through education. I have always been proud of the diversity at our setting; which is reflected amongst our staff, children and resources. We incorporate something called the 'British Values' here, which reinforce mutual respect for others, a tolerance for other faiths, cultures and backgrounds, being able to say how you feel or what you want, and an understanding of wrong and right. We reflect these in all that we do at Just for Me.

From next month, our staff will be preparing for the end of term events. Parents will be given their children’s reports at the end of June and for the children that are moving on to nursery or reception, copies will be sent to those schools; if parents insist that their child’s report is not sent, please let us know as soon as possible, as these will be sent during the first week of July. As part of our efforts to support the children with smooth transitions into their next steps of education, we organise visits to the local schools where they are moving to, during early July. This allows the children to see the school building and where possible, their teachers, helping to make it easier for them when they move on. We advise parents and carers to talk with their children about this when the time comes as this will support them in many different ways. Last year, we were able to organise visits to Stanhope, Our Lady of the Visitation, Edward Betham and Ravenor schools and we plan to do the same this year; more information will be given when this has been arranged. 

Towards the end of term, staff and parents often begin to feel emotional as we form genuine relationships with some of our families that go way beyond what is expected from a nursery. Although Just for Me is not run as a religious setting, my own Christian faith and belief that this is more than just a business, is what has kept this preschool going. I believe that we are responsible for making a positive impact in the lives of the children, families and staff that come here, no matter how big or small this may be. I have made some very good friends through running this preschool and feel extremely blessed to be in the position I am in as the Director of Just for Me Preschool. 

I wish you all the best as we continue through 2016 and for many years to come!

Chantelle Mason - Director

Just For Me Preschool is in Greenford
in the London Borough of Ealing.

Here is our Motto, it was created in 2006, long before Just For Me Preschool opened:

'Looking at each child as a unique individual and helping them achieve the best out of their preschool experience'

We pride ourselves on doing just what our motto says - and also valuing the welfare and development of each child, treating and respecting them as individuals whose needs must be catered for.

This is reflected in way we plan, interact with and care for the children and their families. Each child's journey is different and therefore our approach is holistic, in that it is not solely about social skills or academic achievement; rather the whole invaluable experience of early childhood......

I hope our website answers all your questions. Do feel free to contact me personally about any matter or to arrange a visit of our facilities. You can even start the registration process online.

Director of Just For Me Preschool – Mrs Chantelle Mason (BSc, EYPS)