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Mission Statement

A setting that allows parents to bring their children in; knowing that they will be safe, for play, interaction, and a solid introduction to the world of their education. With the right amount of input and faith in what individual children can achieve, with the use of self-exploration, the support of their peers and adults, all children here can achieve remarkable things - socially, emotionally and educationally.

Just For Me Preschool is in Greenford
in the London Borough of Ealing.

Here is our Motto, it was created in 2006, long before Just For Me Preschool opened:

'Looking at each child as a unique individual and helping them achieve the best out of their preschool experience'

We pride ourselves on doing just what our motto says - and also valuing the welfare and development of each child, treating and respecting them as individuals whose needs must be catered for.

This is reflected in way we plan, interact with and care for the children and their families. Each child's journey is different and therefore our approach is holistic, in that it is not solely about social skills or academic achievement; rather the whole invaluable experience of early childhood......

I hope our website answers all your questions. Do feel free to contact me personally about any matter or to arrange a visit of our facilities. You can even start the registration process online.

Director of Just For Me Preschool – Mrs Chantelle Mason (BSc, EYPS)

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